Choose a day that works for YOU.
Put out your stuff.
Our trucks do the rest!

It's easier than ever to donate your clothes, shoes, and household items.

With our online donation pick up scheduler, you can donate your used items to charity in three simple steps:

1.  Choose a day that works for you
2.  Set your items out on the curb or another convenient spot
3.  We'll send a truck to get them and leave you a tax deductible receipt.

Declutter Your Space

DonateDAV is the easiest way to get rid of your unwanted items. No more driving them to the thrift store -- just schedule with us and we'll come pick them up, free of charge.

Avoid the Landfills

We keep 90% of the items you donate from ending up in a landfill.  The vast majority of your donations end up in thrift stores and with people who can use your items.  We recycle almost all of what's left.

Donating your used goods is the best way to ensure they help other people and stay out of the landfill. 90% of what we collect will either be sold by a thrift store or recycled.

They Gave a Lot, We Can Give a Little

The Disabled American Veterans California Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc. helps disabled Vets from all wars receive the benefits they deserve after serving our country.  Click here to check the davcal.org website for more details.

All donations to DAV California Rehabilitation Foundation Inc. will be sold to private thrift stores in the local area to maximize our return on your contribution. Thank you for your support!

Donation Scheduling

Phone: 1-800-238-8387